Art Basel Miami Art Week 2015

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Art Basel Miami Art Week 2015, where we’ve just returned from a week-long visual feast, exceeded our expectations on multiple levels.

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We settled into the same hotel, Marriott Biscayne Bay, where we first stayed in 2012. At that time we launched our artwork at the Red Dot Show during Art Basel Miami Art Week 2012. Now in 2015 with our artwork in a Miami gallery during Art Basel Miami Art Week 2015, we were able to participate in non-stop 24/7 events, receptions, and soul enriching art absorption. During these past three years we’ve returned to Miami three times meeting with galleries and capturing imagery. We are amazed to witness Miami mature into a beacon for creativity and a showcase for world class modern and contemporary art.

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Abutting a undeveloped area, Wynwood hosted stunning original art creation on its’ streets that rivaled artwork being shown in the twenty-something established Shows and Exhibitions. The Wynwood Art District on Opening night was alive with creative energies. The street art on its’ walls may not be there for Art Basel Miami Art Week 2016 because the walls are ever-changing. We returned to street art that previously resonated with us finding new creations. See the inspirational work surfacing in our art.

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We were back together again with our artist friend, Connie Silver, from when we both launched our artwork at the Red Dot Art Show during Art Basel Miami Art Week 2012.

Connie combo

A reception for Connie’s artwork was held in Miami Beach raising scholarship funds for Florida International University. Connie’s artwork is inspired by her years of assisting clients as a practicing psychoanalyst. A reception for our artwork, inspired by our previous trips to Miami and using our innovative artist process was held at Art Fusion Galleries in Wynwood.

Miami wall 2015

Music being one of the most common intakes of art that touches one’s soul, Miami proved the perfect setting for visually linking emotions and ideas. We were able to reinterpret the art with our own views to allow for a different perspective.

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Mid-week we arrived at the Art Basel Show, which is held in the Miami Beach Convention Center. The scale and the quality of the art was much more than some individuals had led us to believe. The experience touched our inner beings beyond words inspiring us to further communicate with our art.

Combo 5

Inspiration, creativity and re-visiting old subjects through new process and technique becomes reality through our evolving imagery. Tupac, feather bears and technology gave us the means to develop our message through calling our inner artist existing partially in another plain.

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Not only did the Shows, galleries and streets have cutting edge artwork but much of Miami was a venue for site specific artwork. Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” surreal art evoked wonder and wow through a reincarnated motor bike displayed at the Miami Beach Bal Harbour Shops.

Combo 7

WISH by Robert Buchholz was installed for Art Basel Miami Art Week 2015 across the street from the gallery representing our artwork, Art Fusion Galleries. This dream-like installation resonated deeply and moved us to evolve. Stay tuned for imagery and artwork created from this installation and a lot more artwork resulting from a week of wonder. Our time at Art Basel Miami Art Week 2015 energized us with new prospects and avenues to explore for creating and communicating through our artwork.


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